The 300

Welcome to Techno Torbole, as it is just now. Techno has been lucky enough to have been regular visitors to this amazing and legendary sail sports spot over the years.

We’re here again in 2021, there’s a whole week of Techno World Championships action still to go, and we’ve just enjoyed 3 days of great sailing at the prologue event Techno Wind Foil International Championships, which has demonstrated once again the bright future in store for that discipline. But that may ever have happened without the incredible success story of Techno293OD in the first place…

Techno293 Worlds are the biggest windsurfing of the year, after more than 15 years of providing an open door to any and every young hopeful anywhere, to experience sailing, racing on equal terms, enjoying themselves on the water, sharing a passion. It’s also a proven gateway to higher level competition for those that really want to take it all the way.

We’re about to start 6 days of Techno 293OD racing in 3 fleets, U17 (men and women titles), U15 (girl and boy titles), and this year, due to popular demand from kids, coaches and parents alike, U13, where girls and boys will compete together for one World Champion title.

300 youngsters from over 20 countries have signed up to compete at these championships, and that’s without any teams from America or Down Under, due to continued Covid/travel restrictions, so there could have been even more! Our big thanks to the local organisers Circolo Surf Torbole for making all the logistics possible.

The arrivals hall has been very busy all weekend welcoming all the competitors, families, supporters and coaches to the spot. Today saw all 3 fleets given a chance to get out, stretch their arms and legs and test the conditions for a practice race, before the action starts for real tomorrow, Monday.

The forecast for the week is optimistic and so are the competitors. The best way to keep up to date with all the action, results, videos and photos is to stay logged in to  


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